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Von Willebrands vWd bleeding disorder DNA or Blood screen5. Sebaceous Adenitis SA Skin Disorder Thyroid malfunctions Not Required but a highly recommended test for all breeding dogs. Tests required for breeding of Miniature and Toy Poodles. 1. Hips for HD and Legg Perves Disease OFA, Penn hip or OVC2. Stifles for Luxating Patella's3.

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"Originally, these "designer dogs" were bred to help people. Wally Conron, a dog breeder in Australia was the first to breed the Labradoodle 22 years ago. A blind lady came to him and wanted a guide dog that didn't shed. No brainer, thought he, and he gave her a Standard Poodle. But unfortunately, it was soon discovered that Standard Poodles don't have the temperament to be good guide dogs. So Wally went back to the drawing board and decided, what the hey, I'll take a Labrador and a Standard Poodle and breed them!Voila.

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Suggested tests hip and eye.

He loves playing with other dogs, playing fetch, playing tug of war, and gathering sticks.

  1. mini goldendoodle f1bb
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